A Look at Malaysia Airlines

For a long time Malaysia Airlines has been flying customers, but only recently has become noticed. There has been a much bigger demand for quality services in air travel world-wide, especially as Asia opens up for both business and pleasure. Becoming a prestigious airline as Malaysia Airlines has done, doesn’t come without giving the passengers good service. If you are traveling to Asia and want information about Malaysia Airlines this article will help you.

Malaysia Airlines has received several awards from the company that is the number one reviewer of airlines online, Skytrax. Malaysia Airlines has received the highest award possible – 5-Stars – from Skytrax. This is a difficult accomplishment to reach because customer satisfaction – in several different categories – is the criteria used. Skytrax doesn’t give out these top ratings to just any airline. Most of their ratings are between two to four stars. Less than a dozen airlines have received the prestigious 5-Star award. Many of the available services of Malaysia Airlines are now accessible through mobile phones. All of the things that you did on your computer, from booking your flight to checking the status of the flight, can now be done from your phone. You can even get a boarding pass sent to you via mobile phone. Travelers who need to make changes in their travel arrangements, will like the convenience of doing it with their cell phone. Most of the services of Malaysia Airline can be accessed with a smart phone, such as iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and if you plan to fly to Asia, give serious thought to visiting this fascinating city. Many people consider Kuala Lumpur to be a fascinating city full of excitement. You really must add it to your future travel plans. Kuala Lumpur has many cultural events and activities and is home to the National Museum and the Islamic Arts Museum, among others. For a modern touch, visit the Kuala Lumpur City Center where the skyline is filled with several modern and tall buildings. A lot of the architecture is strikingly modern, but there are many buildings – new and old – built with a more Islamic flavor due to Islam being the official religion in the country. A great shopping experience, for those who love to shop, can be had in the Bukit Bintang district that contains the largest concentration of shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, as well as well as cafes and restaurants. You will find many restaurants and a variety of nightlife in Kuala Lumpur. The Golden Triangle – the commercial hub of Kuala Lumpur – has a distinct nightlife that centers around the Petronas Towers. If you are looking for beautiful beaches, you can get there on Malaysia Flights. There is an island nation, called Phucket, that has attracted lots of beach lovers. There are many exotic beaches, some seen in movies, among all of the islands in the region, so you can island hop. If you are looking for the right beach, you will want to check out the 104 islands of Langkawi. The thought of paradise is what you will think about when you spend some time on the beaches of these islands, and look at the blue waters and lush landscapes. There are even more beach locations than these that can be flown into by Malaysia Airlines. A variety of comforts are offered to Malaysian Airline passengers as you can see. Whether you’re a business traveler going to Asia for a work related conference or on vacation, this airline has a lot to offer. If you haven’t flown with Malaysia Airlines before, you should take a look at the many places they go and consider them for your future travel plans.

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