Reasons Why You Need To Switch Over To Using Canvas Bags For Your Shopping

Time was people were provided the choice if they wanted paper or plastic bags if they went shopping but now you’re automatically given plastic. These plastic bags can in fact end up being very hazardous to the environment for plenty of different reasons which is why people should be using reusable canvas bags. While plenty of pollution can be created with plastic bags you’re additionally going to find out that our wildlife can also be affected by these bags. For individuals who are unaware of how damaging these plastic bags can be to the planet we are going to be talking about a number of these aspects in this article.

Although the bags themselves can be a major issue you need to realize the pollution is generated each and every time these plastic bags are created to start with. You should also be aware that in relation to these bags decomposing in our landfills this is something which could end up taking up to 1000 years for every bag. I’m sure you understand that there are a lot of landfills who end up burning garbage such as paper and also wood products, but you need to also realize the plastic bags often get intermixed. Another thing I should mention is that many people will additionally end up burning these plastic bags either by accident or on purpose just to get rid of them. Many people don’t recognize that toxic fumes are given off when these bags are burned and this is just another way we are polluting our atmosphere.

Needless to say even if these don’t end up being burned in our landfills or our backyards, they still end up in our landfills taking up an enormous amount of space. We could end up reducing this amount of garbage in our landfills if more people would simply switch over to the reusable canvas bags when they go shopping. Another thing you need to realize is that you’ll be lowering the need for plastic bags, which means less of these would have to be created each year lowering the pollution from the factories who make them.

Something I most likely don’t need to mention is that similar to every other sort of garbage these plastic bags often end up in water supplies whether they be lakes, rivers or streams. When fish or other small animals that live on or near water encounter these bags, there is always the possibility they’re going to get trapped in the bag and end up dying. You should realize that if less people would end up using plastic bags, obviously less of these plastic bags would end up in our water supplies affecting our wildlife.

Choosing canvas bags will be one of the easiest steps you can take to be able to help the environment and you’re going to find it’s something which is very cost effective as well. The planet needs help and unless you’re willing to do your part there’s an extremely good chance that we are going to end up polluting the planet to the level that it’s uninhabitable.
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